Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Weird & Wonderful Skulls

There's a shop in Manchester called The Weird & Wonderful that sells animal bones, entomology cases and other specimens of the weird and wonderful nature. On their website they sell "mystery boxes", where you choose how much you pay (ranging from £10-£250) and they'll send you a box with things amounting to the value, and you have no idea what it could be. I split a £50 with a friend of mind and we ended up with a dog skull and a parrot skull. The parrot skull is so terrifyingly light you could crush it so easily. It's also weird to see that the beak is white bone, I didn't expect that. I'm keeping the dog skull because it's larger and more interesting to draw, I've already done some quick ink studies. It's probably a very weird thing to spend £25 on, a friend of mine just finished her dissertation about people's fascination with death and grisly violence in modern society, and I think that's really interesting. She told me that these days anyone's day to day experience of death is so sanitised and removed, so a funeral for example, and in terms of human existence this is only a very recent social structure, which I agree with. So maybe everyone has a primal fascination with the morbid, maybe it's even healthy, death is one of those things that happens but no one really discusses. 

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