Monday, 16 March 2015

Aubrey Beardsley

It's weirdly baffling that I haven't come across these illustrations before, it's basically everything I love. 1920's monochrome prints of the mythical and weird with a lot of darkness and detail, that is everything I enjoy. Aubrey Beardsley also once said "I have one aim—the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing." which is just perfect, he fits into this long chain with people like Tim Burton and Edward Gorey (more of my favourite people). I really need to start getting into etching and relief printing, I know I do a lot of watery messy textured things but I think I can translate it into a print medium and it'll still look interesting. I'm currently second-guessing the edition I'm working on in a major way, because I'm halfway done (classic) and now I'm thinking maybe it should be more grotesque, less true to life, something with more of a myth to it. Hopefully it's not too late to tweak my work, I think the thing that's really going to make it into something worth buying is the details, like in these, the thing that makes these illustrations so amazing is the intricacy of the patterns contrasted with the big white and black spaces. I've been worrying about a blank background in my print but maybe something flat like this would work quite well, with just a line or two in the back.

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