Monday, 2 March 2015

Frames And Halos

These are fairly rough sketches from my book, although since I bothered to colour them in I wish I'd made the circles/ovals a bit more exact. Taking inspiration from Harry Clarke's illustrations I've tried to give my drag characters a bit more of a theatrical look, I feel like they belong on old movie posters. I like the frames I've created where they aren't totally confined by them and interacting with them, I think all this drag has given me this really strong impression of being within and without simultaneously and that's how that came about. I bought gold ink at the start of the year and only just got around to using it but it's so nice! I think these drawings would also do really well as etchings, they have a classic feel and quite particular details that would lend well to that technique. I have always wanted to do large screen prints for this project but now I'm thinking editions of etches could also be a good resolution, and possibly easier to sell because they're smaller and cheaper. The other side of this coin is that they also have less impact and could get lost in all the other small paraphernalia that will be on show, all the zines and things. I think what would really inform my work is asking the people I've photographed about their outfits, how they feel about drag/dress-up in general, and things like that, because although my photos and my drawings are interesting they aren't saying anything that's more interesting than their face value.

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