Saturday, 25 April 2015

Guardian Witness

Our upcoming project at Camberwell (starting Tuesday, I am so ready to get back to work) is about politics and the upcoming election, as well as the idea of independent states. We've been kept very much in the dark about what we'll be doing with these subjects but we were all told to enter a competition the Guardian newspaper was running, designing an alternative election poster. I've been keeping up to date with most of the run-up to the elections (despite missing a lot of debates because we don't have a telly license), this is the first election that I am old enough and knowledgable enough to actually hold an opinion, but at the moment my opinion is just confused and frustrated. I feel extremely underrepresented by the main three parties. It feel ridiculous because I think a candidate that I felt represented me personally would be extremely easy, I'm not exactly a minority, it wouldn't require any "token diversity" or whatever you'd call it, literally just some one non-Etonian who doesn't need to be photographed eating a bacon sandwich to prove he's "one of us", so if that's how I feel there must be people out there ready to tear their hair out.

So I made this poster to recognise my frustration. I think it's important to voice frustrating and even boredom, and not just give up and let it happen. Whilst doing my research the prevailing thoughts around the green party is "Well they've got good ideas but they'll never get in so why even bother" which is such dangerous thinking. People should demand more, vote to abstain, vandalise their voting slip, something. 

The thing that really irritates me about the candidates, at an art student aesthetic level, is their faces. I can't help but think of ham that's been left in the sun when I see them on debates, there are no sharp angles anywhere. I didn't realise when you became a politician you had to have a facial structure like warm brie. So that's why I gave my poster background a quite disturbing beige hue. 

So here's a link to the competition where you can see all the other entries, I'd say a large portion are fellow Camberwell students and they're very good, stalk all my other illustration students (and some Graphics students, for flavour)

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