Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Independent State of Peckham Square

Our end of year project is forcing all of us to actually leave the university grounds and get involved in the space around us. It's pretty scary because we all feel a bit like tourists (or colonials) but really interesting as well. Our first task was to establish the "Independent State of Peckham Square", we had to organise ourselves into ministries and basically stage some sort of event there together where we "claimed independence". It feels a bit immature and patronising, but this is the stuff we get marked on so we deal. I formed a part of the Ministry of Gender, and we decided as our claim for independence we wanted to get more information about any gender issues specific to Peckham and Camberwell. So we made these very attractive sandwich boards and flyers to ask people to give suggestions and explanations about what gender meant to them. This is us all getting ready to go smash the system.

We all had to be outside on Peckham Square from 4 until 5, it went so quickly though. I ended up getting mauled by thousands of small children wanting to draw boobs and stuff, but we also got into some really interesting discussions with the public and got loads of images and suggestions (although some were illegible). These are photos taken by the Graphic Design tutor on the day (who by the way watched me getting attacked and looking extremely panicked and didn't intervene and instead walked off, leaving me to drown in a sea of infants. I saw that Rob.)

And so this is just a sample of some of the awesome stuff we got back, from children, parents, art students, and other random strangers that came by. It's pretty cool I think.

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